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Here at Brooksi.com we specialize in producing common kingsnakes, Lampropeltis getula, from the State of Florida. Our breeding program is focused on county-specific locality projects. For most of our projects we have precise collection data on our founder stock, and have been involved in the field work to collect this stock.

Our goal is to maintain and produce localities that we feel hold unique phenotypes. Kingsnakes have disappeared from many of their former habitations in Florida, and we would like preserve in captivity those phenotypes that still remain in the wild. Our hope is that others will take an interest in these lines and that they will eventually be bred and distributed across many private collections.

We do also work with non-locale kingsnakes, and other species, and you will find those represented on this site as well.

Check out our Breeding Projects section to see our current and up-and-coming projects, and our Available page for pricing and details on all available stock.